Phoenix man launches website to store estate preparation files
A regional company invests every day searching for the deaths of its customers. It sounds strange, however it’s for an extremely important reason. Brian Beal from Phoenix just recently launched the site It stores estate preparing documents digitally. The idea was born from Beal’s own experience with estate planning when he was handed a huge pile of papers and told to provide a copy to his lawyer, a copy to his partner and to put a copy in a safe deposit box.
“It seemed like there were problems with that,” Beal said.

His attorney dying before him, his wife and him remaining in an accident together and his beneficiaries not being able to get into a safety deposit box were all things Beal considered. So he created The company uses an algorithm that searches the web daily for obituary and similar info on its clients.

“If it finds particular keywords, it informs our staff and our personnel heads out and does a life check”, Beal stated.

Simply put, they check to see if the client is still alive. If they discover the person died, it then contacts the appropriate people to disperse the documents.

“The web, as quick as it is, can often be days behind particularly in a death. So the faster we learn about it, the faster we can get the documents to the people who need them,” Beal stated.

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Kent Berk from Berk Law Group said households that do not know where their member of the family’s will be kept, or even exactly what their desires were, is quite typical.
“Storing something digitally has the benefit of the enjoyed ones being able to locate the digital files, however just if the liked ones understand the files kept digitally,” Berk said.

The cost to use is $9.99 a month or $99 dollars a Year. For more info feel free to visit trademark law firms.

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