Two Quick Goals MU So Spanking for Arsenal

Two Quick Goals MU So Spanking for Arsenal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger regrets Manchester United’s quick two goals against his team Agen piala dunia 2018. According to Wenger, the two goals are a major blow to Arsenal.

Arsenal bears the shame of losing 1-3 from Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (3/12/2017) pm dawn. The London cannon trailed two goals in the first half due to weak defenses. Two mistakes on the back line of the home team exploited MU, which led to goals by Antonio Valencia in the fourth minute and Jesse Lingard scored in the 11th minute.

The Gunners actually had risen pressing. They created many chances in the first half. However, a new goal came in the second half running four minutes. Alexandre Lacazette scored after receiving Aaron Ramsey’s loose bait from the offside trap.

Instead of getting a counterweight goal, Arsenal even had conceded through counter-attack from the combination of Lingard with Paul Pogba. Lingard was able to finish the attack with his second goal in the 63rd minute.

Arsenal had a profit in the 74th minute. Referee Andre Marriner rewarded Pogba with a straight red card after stepping on Hector Bellerin’s foot. But, the superior number of players can not be maximized by Arsenal to score additional goals.

“I think we did not start well at the back and we were guilty of it. Although missed the 0-2, we should stand up. We’ve got quite a lot of chances. We display quality is very good, but not quite decisive,” said Wenger who was launched by the BBC.

“Psychologically, behind 0-2 at the start of the game is a severe blow, especially at home, maybe we’re too vulnerable mentally, you should not be so in a match like that.”

“So the mystery is why we did not score more goals, but David de Gea is definitely a man of the match,” Wenger said.

“We played well, but there is nothing more frustrating when you’ve got the quality of performance and in the end there was nothing that could be shown for it. Our attitude was perfect until the end. But, you can not make the mistakes we made at the beginning of the match, “he said.

Manchester United can good news ahead of Tottenham Hotspur opponents

Manchester United can good news ahead of Tottenham Hotspur opponents

Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Phil Jones has recovered from an injury he suffered and is ready to re-appear to strengthen Manchester United.

Phil Jones suffered an injury in the game against Huddersfield Town. The loss of Jones was big because Manchester United conceded two goals in a short time.

Initially, Jones was worried about injury for a long time, but it did not happen.

“Jones has come to me and said if I need him, Jones will be ready to perform. If so, I’m sure he will be ready to appear in the game this weekend, “said Mourinho.

In addition to Jones, Eric Bailly has also started training after suffering an injury when defending Ivory Coast national team. The situation adds confidence Manchester United squad ahead of crucial match against Tottenham Hotspur.

Phil Jones and Eric Bailly became Manchester United’s mainstay in defense in the 2017-18 season.

Source: Metro

Central Chelsea Down, Antonio Conte Beberkan Reason

Central Chelsea Down, Antonio Conte Beberkan Reason

The Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, does not cover up the facts if his team is currently undergoing a negative trend For him the quality of the team’s regular exercise that decreased compared to last season became the main reason why the Blues can sag at this time.

Chelsea open the Premier League season 2017/2018 in an unpleasant way. Entertain Burnley at his own headquarters (12/8), Stamford Bridge, The Blue instead scores with a score of 2-3. Predicted to be sluggish throughout the season, but Chelsea are lucky to rise with eight games without defeat in the next parties.

Unfortunately when meeting Manchester City in London (30/9) ‘disease’ they seemed to relapse. The reigning champions of the English league instead of the tourn from City with a score of 0-1. Instead of getting back up, Chelsea actually fell back when the trip to the headquarters of Crystal Palace in the eighth week with a score of 2-1 thin. This is Chelsea’s first successive defeat since September 2016 ago.

As if not enough, bad trends were contagious to the Champions League scene. Faced with Roma still lagging in Serie A, Cecs Fabregas and colleagues again failed to win. Had time to show dominance and make the score became 2-0 in the first half, London Blue let the Capital Wolves bite back and the score turned 2-3. Fortunately there is Eden Hazard who is able to save a point for Chelsea through his second goal in the game.

Only remove 70% ability

Failure to achieve maximum results in three consecutive games clearly make the public wonder at Chelsea. Conte felt the same way, but apparently he already knew the roots of his team’s problems. Gaffer from Italy is mentioned if foster children do not practice well like last season when successfully steal the EPL trophy.

“I honestly feel if the players are only able to spend 70% of their ability this season. Mugkin this is why we are saggy at the moment. (Though) the method of training with last season is still the same, “said Conte as quoted from The Independent.

“Dense schedule is also influential. When you play every three days it is impossible to manage physical problems and tactics. I think we are increasingly overlooking small details this season, “added the coach who once coached Juventus and the Italian national team.

With his current team condition slipping to fourth while the English Premier League, Conte did not dismiss if fears began to plunge. Shadow of Chelsea manager’s dismissal in the second season after earning a successful season in his first season. But he was lucky to mention if the players are still behind him.

Furthermore Chelsea will have a tough schedule to improve their performance. On Saturday (21/10) later Watford who was on fire and occupy the fourth position standings. Everton then followed exactly one week later in the English League Cup competition. (Source: The Independest)

Chelsea Prepare Bids for Alex Sandro

Chelsea Prepare Bids for Alex Sandro

Chelsea make Juventus player Alex Sandro as the main target in the winter transfer market in 2018. The Blues reportedly set aside funds of 62.4 million pounds (Rp 1.12 trillion) to bring Alex Sandro from Juventus.

Chelsea had approached Alex Sandro intensively in the summer transfer market in 2017. However, the Blues effort did not work out after Juventus refused an offer for Alex Sandro.

In return, Chelsea brought David Zappacosta from Torino. However, the target of Antonio Conte remains Alex Sandro. The Italian manager asked the management to return to try to bring Sandro in January.

Juventus were prepared to defend the Brazilian players. The Bianconeri will offer a brand-new contract for Sandro to survive.

Currently, Alex Sandro receives a fee of 48,000 pounds per week with a contract until June 2020. Juventus reportedly will raise the player’s salary to 88,000 pounds per week.

However, the salary offer is still below the budget prepared by Chelsea. The Blues agreed to provide a salary of 120,000 pounds per week to Alex Sandro if they want to join the club.

Source: Italian Football

Winks: Thank you Pochettino!

Winks: Thank you Pochettino!

Harry Winks thanks Mauricio Pocchetino for giving the young British talent a chance

The player’s integration to the first team is closely monitored by Pocchetino who also believes players like Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, and Danny Rose enter the first team.

Winks is now likely to play in the World Cup next year and do not forget to remember the services of Argentina’s boss.

“It’s common knowledge that England’s players have difficulty confiding in the Premier League, which makes it difficult for us,” he said.

“Lucky the manager gave me a chance and I can not thank him enough.”

“The manager is very brave to do it and I think we have paid the trust.”

“Not only help me physically and technically, he helps me mentally, I have to thank him.”

“He’s a top manager and a great guy. He is someone who can always be asked for advice and help. He spreads confidence in everyone. “

Lauren: Arsenal will be hard to win the English Premier League this season

Lauren: Arsenal will be hard to win the English Premier League this season

Arsenal football legend, Lauren believes the team that he once defended will again fail to win the Premier League title 2017-2018.

The sense of the pesemis, because at the beginning of the summer the Gunners get mixed results where it won well in the opening match, losing 4-0 painful against Liverpool at Anfield and recently won two consecutive games each counter West Bromiwch Albion and Brighton & Hove Albion. So with the result now Petr Cech Cs back in the top with 13 points packed.

Interestingly now predicts the north Londoners now have a chance to remove the prestigious title fast which was last in 2004 when he was still playing at Highbury Stadium. However, the 40-year-old Lauren feels Tottenham Hotspur’s eternal rival will be the same as the previous season only able to finish in the top not to win the title.

“The main reason is that he does not have seven or eight players fighting for it,” Lauren told the media.

“The second factor is that there are so many teams that want to win the league. Where there are recorded about five to six teams that have that opportunity.

“And the third factor is that with all my respect. We really miss something in the dressing room. Because we lost something that encouraged the team to win it and challenge the Premier League. Where we need some leaders from within. ”

Meanwhile, Lauren believes Arsene Wenger is now worried about the rivals who are becoming more dangerous like that done by Manchester duo both City and United.

“This year, he’s turned out to be very worried about the opponent,” Lauren continued.

“Now he’s paying more attention to the options.

“After 18 to 19 years playing with a 4-4-2 formation now instead he plays three defenders in the back line. It means that he is worried about what others are doing. ”

Now in the middle of the North London club appearance is good two key players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil in the rumored will soon leave in the transfer window in January.

Duel Against Man United Will Be The Moment Of The Resurrection Liverpool

Duel Against Man United Will Be The Moment Of The Resurrection Liverpool

Steven Gerrard predicts, Liverpool will bounce back after the international break in early October 2017. Duel facing Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur can be a momentum.

Team beralias The Reds buffeted by unsatisfactory results in recent weeks Premier League 2017-2018 season. Of the four matches, Liverpool can only achieve one victory and three draws.

Even so, Gerrard believes Liverpool will find the momentum of awakening soon. After the international break, Juergen Klopp’s men will play Manchester United on Saturday (14/10/2017) and Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday (10/22/2017).

Gerrard was already looking forward to the momentum of the awakening.

“Since Juergen Klopp coached Liverpool, the game against the two teams is always a proof that we can show a classy performance,” Gerrard said as quoted from

“The Reds’ record against top Premier League clubs is always good, so it’s not necessary to make coaches or players worry,” added the former Liverpool captain.

If referring to the results last season, Liverpool is to be the front when dealing with big teams. They have never lost a total of 20 points against the club in the top six.

Even so, Liverpool started the record this season pretty badly. They are powerless against Manchester City for losing a landslide score of 0-5.

Azpiliueta: It’s Important For Us Not Lose Counter Arsenal

Azpiliueta: It’s Important For Us Not Lose Counter Arsenal

After Chelsea played a goalless draw against Arsenal last weekend at Stamford Bridge Cesar Azpilicueta admitted very happy with the results.

Where with one point gained then make the Blues managed to avoid successive defeats, the article on the FA Cup, Community Shield and Premier League last season they get a negative result, which makes them doubt to compete this summer.

Even so, but the Spanish national team retainer feels his team needs to make improvements where in order to fight against other big clubs they can handle the game well and after the game players who are interested by Barcelona it admits that the defense of the Gunners is very good throughout the game which makes Alvaro Morata failed to register his name on the scoreboard.

“We can do better, that’s right, we will continue to work hard to improve ourselves and become a better team,” Cesar Azpilicueta told the media.

“In recent years at Stamford Bridge we have won the game against Arsenal and found a place to create opportunities for our strikers.

“Yesterday was a bit more complicated, where they allowed a good defensive game which made all the players have to work hard and they made it difficult for us. It’s a long season and we’re new in September, every point will be counted, of course the win will be better for us than we lost.

“We really can not win against a good team, but we are also not lost and that is important. Now we have to move on. We have a game in the EFL Cup and we can not stop. ”

In the EFL Cup it will certainly be an opportunity for Eden Hazard to return his best performances to recover from injury.

As for Michy Batshuayi opened his chances to shift the position of Alvaro Morata if the Nottingham Forest face able to perform well and can score many goals.

Chancel Mbemba Absent One Month Ahead

Chancel Mbemba Absent One Month Ahead

Newcastle United will certainly live in the English Premier League this summer a bit of a natural problem in the heart of defense because Chancel Mbemba suffered serious injury.

He suffered a hamstring injury when he strengthened the Congolese national team during a 2-2 draw against Tunisia in the international game and in the news after the medical examination at least 23-year-old players will pull over for four weeks.

Where it directly makes Rafael Benitez as a tactical interpreter a little bit dialnyanya article names like Paul Dummet and Florian Lejeune also still undergo the injury recovery process that can be in a 2-0 defeat against Tottenham Hotspur cons.

Meanwhile, Mbemba who has played for Anderlecht is one of the key players of The Magpies and recorded this summer has appeared as many as three games in the Premier League.

Case of Dembele-Coutinho, Liverpool Not Dortmund

Case of Dembele-Coutinho, Liverpool Not Dortmund

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is reluctant to equate the cases of Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele Bandar Judi. The German manager said, both are different cases.

Coutinho and Dembele are two players who became the target of Barcelona. Both also sulked and asked to be transferred to Barcelona. As a result, Coutinho and Dembele were exiled from the team.

For Dembele, the player finally officially moved to Barcelona after Dortmund receive transfer money 105 million euros from Barcelona. Meanwhile, Coutinho failed to leave because Liverpool insisted not to take it off.

“We have a situation and Dortmund with Dembele have another situation,” Klopp said as reported by Marca.

It took a lot of effort for Liverpool to block Coutinho’s move. How not, the Reds must three times rejected the fantastic offer proposed Blaugrana-nickname Barcelona.

The last offer that was rejected by Liverpool is worth 130 million euros. If it had been realized, that number would make Coutinho become the second most expensive player after Neymar.

“Dortmund decided to let Dembele go, so I can not compare these two situations,” said Klopp, who also handled Dortmund.