SFC Beware of Madura United Fast Runners

SFC Beware of Madura United Fast Runners

The Sriwijaya FC (SFC) coach looked extreme on before his duel against Madura United, tonight. The absence of Thiago Furtuoso, Munhar, and Guntur Ariyadi due to yellow card accumulation, admitted Hartono will not weaken Madura United when both clashed in the 25th week of League 1 competition, Pamekasan Madura Stadium.

According to Hartono, in the match to be held at it, Sapeh is often very dangerous. The reason, said Hartono, the opponent still has a number of players that are not less dangerous.

Solo coach was also mentioned Greg Nwokolo and Bayu Gatra as two figures “fast runners” to watch out for. “They have very fast wingers and SFC defenders have to fight to stop them,” Hartono said. “Besides the two players other names like Engelberd should not be underestimated.”

Not only that, Slamet Nur Cahyo playmaker also admitted to have an important role and the heart of the game Madura United. “So even though there are three players who must be absent, but their material remains the same and no less dangerous. This is a very difficult game for SFC, “he said.

Hartono’s statement is like diamini coach of Madura United, Gomes Oliveira. In fact, the mainstay striker Peter Odemwingie is also still doubtful to appear due to illness.

“But I have other players who are very hungry to help the team win.” The last game when winning in away games will greatly increase the morale of players in the game against SFC later, “said Gomes.

Player Optimistic

The same is also confirmed by Rendy Siregar, defender Madura United. He admitted optimistic, it is able to secure full points when meeting SFC later.

“All players want a positive trend that is with MU continues,” he said. “The victory over PS TNI (3-2) should be able to defend and fight SFC no other word than full points.”

Rendy also agreed, the number of players who are absent it will not affect their strength. “That’s because all the team members have proved against Arema then, when many players are absent, but we still win (2-0),” he said.

Egy Maulana 2 Goal, Indonesian National Team U-19 Mute Myanmar

Egy Maulana 2 Goal, Indonesian National Team U-19 Mute Myanmar

Indonesia U-19 national team won 2-1 over host Myanmar in Group B Cup AFF U-18 2017 at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon. Had left in the first half, two goals Egy Maulana Vikri reverse the situation.

Myanmar goals scored Myat Kaung Khant in the 28th minute, while Indonesia evened the score through Egy Maulana in the 71st minute. Egy Maulana broke Myanmar’s goal again in the 90th minute + 3 to bring victory for Garuda Nusantara.

Timnas Indonesia U-19 immediately took the initiative to attack Myanmar’s defense. Action Firza Andika dropped outside the penalty box, Muhammad Lutfi who took a free kick has not produced results for Garuda Nusantara in the third minute.

Egy Maulana’s turn attempted to penetrate the host defense area, but was still dispelled. Indra Sjafri’s team looked confident in the first 10 minutes of the match with considerable dominance.

Myanmar started out attacking. In the 11th minute, Myat Kaung Khant’s shot was still dammed by Muhammad Riyandi. Four minutes later, Indonesia U-19 national team goalkeeper threatened again, but the ball is still deviated.

Mutually attacked both teams, but no one really threaten the opponent’s goal. In the 20th minute, Riyandi pulled out of his nest to secure the ball after a breakthrough bait came from Myanmar’s winger.

Goalkeeper Garuda Nusantara must conceded in the 28th minute when Myat Kaung Khant welcomes a cross with a flick. Riyandi can not dispel, Myanmar lead 1-0 over Indonesia.

Egy Maulana and friends are often less observant in sending bait-bait far,
especially in crossing. Rifad Marasabessy kick still bounced in the 29th minute, Indonesia is still left behind.

The rapid counterattack of Myanmar really makes Garuda Nusantara hassles.
Luckily, Riyandi appear swift when capturing Eant Maw Oo shot. Meanwhile, cross-bait Indonesian national team U-19 is often in vain.

Opportunity host obtained in the 40th minute free kick Naing Ko Ko who greeted Pyae Sone Naing header. Riyandi rescues his goal from conceding. Until the first round is over, Myanmar winning 1-0 over Indonesia.

Second round

Indonesian national team U-19

Myanmar immediately kicked off at the beginning of the second half by pressing Indonesia U-19 national team. In the 48th minute, Win Naing Tun kick off from the right side of the penalty area, but the ball successfully secured Riyandi.

Win Naing really make it difficult for the team’s defense team Indra Sjafri. Win Naing continued Koko’s free kick through a header, but the ball was off the right-hand side of the post in the 52nd minute.

Garuda Nusantara can be two corner kick, but no one to bear fruit. Lwin Moe Aung free shot back still capable of driven by Riyandi in the 56th minute. Goalkeeper Indonesia is still safe.

Egy Maulana almost break down Myanmar goalkeeper in the 66th minute, but able ditepis Htet Wai Yan Soe. The attack began by Indra Sjafri’s troops, while the host players began to look a little tired.

Indonesian national team U-19 finally equalized to 1-1 in the 71st minute through Egy Maulana. Egy’s header in front of the goal mouth utilizing the ball gag after the ball was pushed over Htet Wai Yan Soe.

Garuda Nusantara confidence increased, more offensive games exhibited.
Sharp crossings are directed to the Myanmar defense area, but no one has
perfectly welcomed.

The Indonesian national team players U-19 took turns releasing long-distance kicks. However, the ball soar or can be caught by Myanmar goalkeeper, Htet Wai Yan Soe. The Indonesian attack is not over yet.

This time the game attacked Indonesia trying from short passes, and the experiment was a success. Egy Maulana penetration from the left side of the Myanmar defense, then kick off the goal, got hit by the pole, the ball remains into the goal. Myanmar is now behind 1-2 from Indonesia. Until the fight is over, the score does not change.

Composition of Players

Indonesia: Muhammad Riyandi; Rifad Marasabessy, Rachmat Irianto, Nurhidayat, Firza
Andika (Samuel Christianson 64); M. Lutfi Kamal; Feby Eka Putra, Muhammad Iqbal, Saddil Ramdani; Egy Maulana Vikri; Hanis Saghara Putra
Coach: Indra Sjafri

Myanmar: Htet Wai Yan Soe; Thet Paing Htwe, Si Thu Moe Khant, Soe Moe Kyaw, Naing Ko Ko; Eant Maw Oo, Win Naing Tun, Lwin Moe Aung; Myat Kaung Khant, Hein Htet Aung, Pyae Sone Naing.
Coach: Rabah Benlarbi