Two Quick Goals MU So Spanking for Arsenal

Two Quick Goals MU So Spanking for Arsenal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger regrets Manchester United’s quick two goals against his team Agen piala dunia 2018. According to Wenger, the two goals are a major blow to Arsenal.

Arsenal bears the shame of losing 1-3 from Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (3/12/2017) pm dawn. The London cannon trailed two goals in the first half due to weak defenses. Two mistakes on the back line of the home team exploited MU, which led to goals by Antonio Valencia in the fourth minute and Jesse Lingard scored in the 11th minute.

The Gunners actually had risen pressing. They created many chances in the first half. However, a new goal came in the second half running four minutes. Alexandre Lacazette scored after receiving Aaron Ramsey’s loose bait from the offside trap.

Instead of getting a counterweight goal, Arsenal even had conceded through counter-attack from the combination of Lingard with Paul Pogba. Lingard was able to finish the attack with his second goal in the 63rd minute.

Arsenal had a profit in the 74th minute. Referee Andre Marriner rewarded Pogba with a straight red card after stepping on Hector Bellerin’s foot. But, the superior number of players can not be maximized by Arsenal to score additional goals.

“I think we did not start well at the back and we were guilty of it. Although missed the 0-2, we should stand up. We’ve got quite a lot of chances. We display quality is very good, but not quite decisive,” said Wenger who was launched by the BBC.

“Psychologically, behind 0-2 at the start of the game is a severe blow, especially at home, maybe we’re too vulnerable mentally, you should not be so in a match like that.”

“So the mystery is why we did not score more goals, but David de Gea is definitely a man of the match,” Wenger said.

“We played well, but there is nothing more frustrating when you’ve got the quality of performance and in the end there was nothing that could be shown for it. Our attitude was perfect until the end. But, you can not make the mistakes we made at the beginning of the match, “he said.