Central Chelsea Down, Antonio Conte Beberkan Reason

Central Chelsea Down, Antonio Conte Beberkan Reason

The Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, does not cover up the facts if his team is currently undergoing a negative trend S88poker.com. For him the quality of the team’s regular exercise that decreased compared to last season became the main reason why the Blues can sag at this time.

Chelsea open the Premier League season 2017/2018 in an unpleasant way. Entertain Burnley at his own headquarters (12/8), Stamford Bridge, The Blue instead scores with a score of 2-3. Predicted to be sluggish throughout the season, but Chelsea are lucky to rise with eight games without defeat in the next parties.

Unfortunately when meeting Manchester City in London (30/9) ‘disease’ they seemed to relapse. The reigning champions of the English league instead of the tourn from City with a score of 0-1. Instead of getting back up, Chelsea actually fell back when the trip to the headquarters of Crystal Palace in the eighth week with a score of 2-1 thin. This is Chelsea’s first successive defeat since September 2016 ago.

As if not enough, bad trends were contagious to the Champions League scene. Faced with Roma still lagging in Serie A, Cecs Fabregas and colleagues again failed to win. Had time to show dominance and make the score became 2-0 in the first half, London Blue let the Capital Wolves bite back and the score turned 2-3. Fortunately there is Eden Hazard who is able to save a point for Chelsea through his second goal in the game.

Only remove 70% ability

Failure to achieve maximum results in three consecutive games clearly make the public wonder at Chelsea. Conte felt the same way, but apparently he already knew the roots of his team’s problems. Gaffer from Italy is mentioned if foster children do not practice well like last season when successfully steal the EPL trophy.

“I honestly feel if the players are only able to spend 70% of their ability this season. Mugkin this is why we are saggy at the moment. (Though) the method of training with last season is still the same, “said Conte as quoted from The Independent.

“Dense schedule is also influential. When you play every three days it is impossible to manage physical problems and tactics. I think we are increasingly overlooking small details this season, “added the coach who once coached Juventus and the Italian national team.

With his current team condition slipping to fourth while the English Premier League, Conte did not dismiss if fears began to plunge. Shadow of Chelsea manager’s dismissal in the second season after earning a successful season in his first season. But he was lucky to mention if the players are still behind him.

Furthermore Chelsea will have a tough schedule to improve their performance. On Saturday (21/10) later Watford who was on fire and occupy the fourth position standings. Everton then followed exactly one week later in the English League Cup competition. (Source: The Independest)

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