Chelsea Prepare Bids for Alex Sandro

Chelsea Prepare Bids for Alex Sandro

Chelsea make Juventus player Alex Sandro as the main target in the winter transfer market in 2018. The Blues reportedly set aside funds of 62.4 million pounds (Rp 1.12 trillion) to bring Alex Sandro from Juventus.

Chelsea had approached Alex Sandro intensively in the summer transfer market in 2017. However, the Blues effort did not work out after Juventus refused an offer for Alex Sandro.

In return, Chelsea brought David Zappacosta from Torino. However, the target of Antonio Conte remains Alex Sandro. The Italian manager asked the management to return to try to bring Sandro in January.

Juventus were prepared to defend the Brazilian players. The Bianconeri will offer a brand-new contract for Sandro to survive.

Currently, Alex Sandro receives a fee of 48,000 pounds per week with a contract until June 2020. Juventus reportedly will raise the player’s salary to 88,000 pounds per week.

However, the salary offer is still below the budget prepared by Chelsea. The Blues agreed to provide a salary of 120,000 pounds per week to Alex Sandro if they want to join the club.

Source: Italian Football

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